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Guttentag! If you are considering studying in Germany, we cannot emphasize enough what a significant decision you are about to make. Germany is a popular study destination attracting students from all over the world. Germany is a culturally and historically rich country. It is home to many customs and beautiful sceneries – forested hills, snowy mountains, river valleys, and more. You name it; the government has it. The country’s developed technology and quality of life will enable you to gain the best study experience for the future tomorrow.


German is spoken in many parts of Europe: There are six countries where it is an official language and ten more where it’s a minority language. This makes it the most widely spoken language in Europe after English. As for the number of German speakers worldwide, there are about 100 million native speakers around the Globe and approximately 130 million more who speak it as a second or foreign language. If you don’t know anything about the school system in Germany, one thing worth noting is that it has some very highly-rated universities. Learning fluent German means you’ll be eligible for high-quality post-secondary education. Learning German will automatically upscale your profile when you enter global business environments. It is an added advantage and will help you raise your salary by at least 4%. Additionally, if you plan to live in Germany or Europe, learning German will help you get about in your day-to-day life as it is the most spoken language in Europe. It is an easy-to-learn language, enabling you with ample career opportunities.


Free Education! Even though you are an international student, you will be exempt from paying tuition fees in Public Universities. Suppose you do not get into a public university. In that case, you can still apply for a private university which will cost you less compared to the other study destinations across the Globe. Exceptionally standard education panellists who will be delivering your courses with global recognition and hands-on experience in the particular industry. You get to experience a high standard of living and not to mention the available career opportunities. Germany, the economic powerhouse in Europe, encourages innovation and new ideas, so there is a new start-up every 20 minutes in the UK. Germany is a country that allows you to be a free independent individual and welcomes you for who you are despite your background. The booming growth of diversity guarantees a place for everyone to be accepted and belong. You can project your skills and strengths exactly where they belong.


Students seldom live in the lap of luxury. But semester breaks are often a way to boost their bottom line. Many companies specifically look for students interested in part-time jobs. Students from non-EU countries can work up to 120 days a year or 240 half days.