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"Best Teacher in Kerala" Contest
The Best Teacher will be rewarded with a grand prize of ₹100,000.
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The Best Teacher will receive a grand prize of ₹100,000.
Get ready to cast your vote and celebrate the amazing teachers in Kerala!
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IELTS Webinar March 2024
Keep a lookout. Registrations will open soon.
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Spoken English Webinar March 2024
Mastering Effective Communication in English. Registration opening soon
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Welcome to Oromah Academy

We empower learners with a variety of skill development programmes, such as the Healthcare Assistant (HCA) Diploma. The HCA Diploma conforms to the highest European standards in order to enable our learners to provide unparalleled patient-centered service and allows candidates to find employment in any region.

We also offer language courses such as Occupational English Test (OET), IELTS, spoken English, German and French.

Our CEO, Sebastian Kaippan, brings over 25 years of experience in the industry, enabling us at Oromah Academy to provide candidates with specialised services such as one-on-one assistance for visa applications and access to over 100 universities in the UK, USA, Australia and Canada.

For more information on applying as an international student, click here.