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Course Details

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Spoken English Mastery: Enhancing Oral Communication Skills


The objective of the Spoken English Mastery course is to help participants improve their oral communication skills in English, enabling them to speak confidently and fluently in various personal, social, and professional situations.

Target Audience

  • Individuals who have a basic understanding of English but lack confidence in speaking.
  • Professionals who need to communicate effectively in English-speaking environments.
  • Students or job seekers looking to enhance their verbal communication skills.

Course Outline

Introduction to Spoken English
  • Overview of course objectives and structure.
  • Importance of spoken English in daily life and professional settings.
Pronunciation and Intonation
  • Correct pronunciation of vowels, consonants, and common English sounds.
  • Intonation patterns and stress in sentences for effective communication.
Vocabulary building Usage
  • Expansion of vocabulary through word lists, expressions, and idiomatic phrases.
  • Practice with using appropriate vocabulary in different contexts.
Grammar in Spoken English
  • Essential grammar rules for spoken English, including verb tenses, sentence structure, and word order.
  • Practice with forming grammatically correct and coherent sentences.
Fluency Development
  • Techniques for improving fluency and reducing pauses in speech.
  • Role-playing activities and discussions to practice speaking spontaneously.
Conversational Skills
  • Strategies for initiating and maintaining conversations.
  • Practice with small talk, asking questions, and expressing opinions.
Listening and Responding
  • Active listening skills to understand spoken English in various accents and contexts.
  • Techniques for providing appropriate responses in conversations.
Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
  • Tips for delivering effective speeches and presentations in English.
  • Practice with organizing thoughts, using visual aids, and engaging an audience.
Delivery Method:
  • Interactive online sessions via video conferencing platforms.
  • Pair and group activities for practice and interaction.
  • Access to online resources, including audio recordings, videos, and speaking exercises.
  • Individual feedback and guidance from the instructor.
  • Improved confidence and fluency in spoken English.
  • Enhanced communication skills for personal and professional interactions.
  • Greater ability to express ideas, opinions, and emotions effectively.
  • Increased opportunities for social and career advancement.


The Spoken English Mastery course provides participants with the necessary tools and techniques to become confident and proficient speakers of English. Through structured lessons, interactive activities, and personalized feedback, participants will develop the skills and confidence to communicate effectively in a variety of situations.